Aquaease Infinity®: Transform Your Cleaning Process

Revolutionize your cleaning process, optimize efficiency and achieve environmental stewardship simultaneously with the Aquaease Infinity® membrane filtration system. By removing emulsified oils from cleaners and reclaiming them with up to 98% efficiency, our technology ensures unparalleled process stability and superior cleaning results. Extend the life of your cleaning bath and eliminate the necessity for frequent bath dumps.

  • Reduce costs by minimizing waste generation – up to 35%.
  • Reduce chemical consumption – up to 60%.
  • Reduce downtime & increase productivity – up to 3x.

Cleaners Retain Their Efficacy

Cleaners Retain Their Efficacy

“Like new” cleaner eliminates defects caused by poor cleaning or soil redepositing on parts. Eliminating oil drag-out reduces organic contamination of down line coating/plating baths and lowers BOD levels in wastewater. As a result, manufacturers will see an improved adherence to EGS/ISO 14000 environmental standards.


Membrane Filtration

  • Removes emulsified oil
  • Prolongs cleaner bath shelf-life more than 10 times
  • Works for full pH range (0 – 14)
  • Works in temperatures up to 200°F
  • The membrane is designed not to strip surfactants from the cleaner
  • Allows cleaning components to pass through while trapping contaminants, reclaiming 98% of the cleaning bat

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"Hubbard-Hall is on a mission to help customers get better results with less chemistry. The Aquaease Infinity® platform accelerates progress towards the goal while reducing cost for our customers."
Molly Kellogg